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Fuel Consumption Ratings
Compare the fuel consumption information of new and older models to find the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your everyday needs.

Most fuel-efficient vehicles
Check out the most efficient new light-duty vehicles sold in Canada for the current model year.

Fuel Consumption Guide
Use this annual guide to compare fuel consumption and emissions information for current model year vehicles.

Videos and fact sheets
Get the facts on vehicle emissions, fuel efficiency and fuel-saving technologies.

EnerGuide Label for Vehicles
Learn about the redesigned fuel consumption label for new light-duty vehicles.

About fuel consumption ratings
Learn about the improved testing procedure used to determine the fuel consumption ratings of new light-duty vehicles.

Electric charging and alternative fuelling stations locator
Use this interactive map to find refuelling stations for alternative fuels in Canada.



Adopt these five fuel-efficient driving techniques to reduce your fuel use and emissions by as much as 25 percent.

Buying a fuel-efficient vehicle

Buying a fuel-efficient vehicle
Find out more about buying and driving your vehicle to save fuel, save money and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Auto$mart driver training

Auto$mart driver training
Teach your students about fuel efficiency and environmental responsibility with our free driver education program.