Canada’s Changing Climate

The Canada’s Changing Climate report will provide an assessment of current knowledge about how Canada’s climate is changing. The report will be the climate-science foundation for other national assessment reports. In this report, you can expect to read about:

  • understanding observed global climate change
  • modeling future climate change
  • changes in temperature and precipitation across Canada
  • changes in snow, ice and permafrost across Canada
  • changes in freshwater availability across Canada
  • changes in oceans surrounding Canada
  • changes in Canada’s regions

To provide context for understanding changes in Canada’s climate, the report will convey the state of understanding of global climate change and its causes. It will also explain the basis for making projections of Canada’s future climate for a range of emission scenarios. For those chapters addressing changes in Canada’s climate, observed changes (including changes in extremes), their causes, and future changes will be assessed. The report will help to inform mitigation and adaptation decision-making, and to increase public awareness and understanding of Canada’s changing climate.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is leading the development of the Canada’s Changing Climate report, which will be finalized in 2018.


For the first time as part of the national assessment process, changes in Canada’s climate will be covered in an in-depth, comprehensive, stand-alone report. Canada’s Changing Climate Report will update and expand on “Chapter 2: An Overview of Canada’s Changing Climate (PDF, 7.5 MB)” of Canada in a Changing Climate: Sector Perspectives on Impacts and Adaptation (2014).

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