Please Note:

Part 20 of the Explosives Regulations restricts the acquisition and sale of 10 explosives precursor chemicals (restricted components) and sets out the requirements for their sale and storage.  While the Regulations have increased controls of these chemicals to members of the general public and improved the reporting of suspicious transactions, analysis indicates that explosives precursor chemicals continue to be misused for the manufacturing of homemade explosives (HMEs) which threatens the safety and security of Canadians.

As of May 18, 2019, proposed amendments to the Explosives Regulations have been published in Canada Gazette, Part I for a 30-day consultation period. The proposed amendments will strengthen NRCan’s explosives security regime by updating the current list of explosives precursor chemicals to include four additional products.

Stakeholder feedback and comments are important to us.  Please submit comments regarding the proposed amendments.  Contact: erdmms@nrcan.gc.ca

The Explosives Safety and Security Branch (ESSB) aims to ensure the safety of the public and of workers in Canada’s explosives industry by:

  • administering the Explosives Act and regulations
  • advancing explosives safety and security technology

ESSB’s Explosives Regulatory Divisionsupports manufacturers, transporters, importers, sellers and users of explosives.

Sellers of explosives precursor chemicals, or restricted components, are required to be enrolled in a program administered through the Explosives Act.

ESSB’s Canadian Explosives Research Laboratory conducts science and technology research related to the safety and security of explosives, including blasting explosives, explosives precursors, fireworks, pyrotechnics, propellant powders and ammunition.

Please Note:

On April 1, 2019 (and every subsequent year on April 1) all fees set out in “Part 19” of Explosives Regulations, 2013 will be adjusted by the percentage change over 12 months in the April All-items Consumer Price Index for Canada, as published by Statistics Canada. For more information, please refer to the Annual Increase of Fees page.

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