F06-01 Instructions

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1. Application Information

  • Legal name of the company and/or person legally entitled to sign the application and will sign the application
  • Company name must be that under which the company is legally incorporated. If there is no legal corporation, then the name of the applicant is that of a legally responsible person
  • If it is for an existing licence, enter the licence number, e.g. U00000

2. Type of Licence

  • If it is a renewal with change or an amendment, briefly describe the change

3. Site Description

  • Specify the location of the magazine in enough detail that the site can be located with the aid of a map
  • Contact information of the site contact person, including best phone number to reach the individual
  • A sketch or plan MUST be submitted with every new application or for a new site and must meet Section 145(2)
  • If a sketch or plan was previously submitted and meets Section 145(2), check “no changes”
  • Sketch or plan must show location of the magazine(s) and vulnerable features such as: public highway, railway, canals or other navigable waterway, gas or electrical transmission lines, dwelling, retail shop, church, school, factory, work place or other places where people may assemble, building or work used for bulk storage of petroleum spirit, gasoline or other flammable substances
  • Distances must be shown in metres
    Propellant and Fireworks:
  • If the magazine is not of standard construction (as per “Magazine Standards for Blasting Explosives and Detonators”), a technical description of the magazine should be provided, e.g. locked metal office cabinet, locked wooden cupboard, locked concrete block building with sprinkler, No Smoking signs posted
  • When magazines are located within a building, a sketch of the building showing the location of storage container(s), places of public access, location of flammables or potential sources of ignition, exits and entrances must be provided. If this sketch does not show distances to nearest public thoroughfares, dwellings or other public places, a separate sketch must be provided

4. Magazine and Site Description

  • Fire Safety Plan and Security Plan (if applicable) are required for all sites. If you are renewing with no changes and the plans were previously submitted, check ‘no’
  • ID # – your designation for a magazine
  • Tag # – the number of the tag issued by ERD to magazines up to standard. If you do not have a tag number, leave this blank
  • Type – the magazine standard type referred in the “Storage Standards for Industrial Explosives”
  • Size – internal dimensions in metres, nearest 0.1 metre is acceptable
  • Barricade – is there a barricade or mound?
  • Explosives Type – check applicable box and indicate on the line the type of explosives {Section 36(2)}
  • Quantity – show the maximum quantity to be stored and indicate if the value is in kilograms or article units
  • Distances to vulnerable places – all distances shown should correspond to those on the sketch or plan
  • Minimum required distances are determined by the quantity and the type of explosives stored, and these distances can be found in the Quantity Distance Principles User’s Manual
  • Both the minimum required distances (refer to QD table) for the maximum quantity of explosives stored and the actual distances must be included
  • When applying for a new licence, a Regional ERD inspector should be consulted on appropriate distances from vulnerable features

5. Security

  • Criminal Record Check (CPIC) or equivalent document required if application if for an individual
  • Equivalent document means permis général, FAST card, NEXUS card or PAL
  • Effective on February 1st, 2015 for Vendors and February 1st, 2016 for Users

6. Application Declaration

  • The signature here must be that of a person who is legally entitled to sign the application, in the case of a company, on behalf of the company.

7. Fees

Licence Type Licence Fee
Explosives User (U) $280 minimum (includes two magazines) and
$140 for every extra magazine
Explosives User Zone (U/Z) $400 minimum (includes two magazines) and
$200 for every extra magazine
Explosives Vendor (V) $25 per 1000 kg NEQ of explosives and
$275 per initiation systems magazine
Fireworks (X) or Propellant (P) Vendor $140 for retailer or
$350 for distributor or
$700 for distributor with repackaging
Fireworks (X) or Propellant (P) User $70