Application Forms and Fees for Authorization

To have your products listed on the List of Authorized Explosives you must submit an application for authorization.

Make sure to include:

  • Application signed and dated
  • Product technical drawings / chemical compositions
  • Packaging and labelling instructions (in both official languages)
  • Test results from other countries (if applicable)

Following a review of the application, a testing protocol may be initiated if further assurances are required or if the product is new in the field. Testing is used to determine the safety of the product and conformity with the manufacturer's specifications. These tests establish criteria for storage, transportation and general use of the product.

If an explosive has been declared authorized by the Chief Inspector of Explosives, a written notice (also called “certificate of authorization”) will be attached to a cover letter. The written notice includes the trade names and/or part numbers of the new explosives, their complete classification, packaging instructions, list of references, terms and conditions, intended use, etc.

Once declared authorized, the explosives will be added to the list of authorized explosives (with the exception of military or law enforcement explosives and explosives authorized for a specified period).

New Electronic Licence Management System!

The Explosives Safety and Security Branch of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is pleased to announce a new online electronic Licence Management System (eLMS) for managing your explosives licensing needs.

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Further information

For further information, or to obtain electronic copies of noted form, please contact the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD).