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Best Practices - High Explosives Magazine

  1. Store only explosives that are COMPATIBLE within a magazine.  Under no circumstance should initiating systems be stored with other explosives.
  2. Keep the INTERIOR of magazine clean, tidy and free of grit.
  3. Do not keep OPEN BOXES, open containers, loose explosives or loose spools in the magazine.
  4. Do not pile cases or containers higher than the STACKING LINE.  When required, ensure bullet-resistant material is maintained at least 15 cm above the stacking line.
  5. Use only approved TOOLS and equipment around explosives and ensure that explosives are protected from impact and rough handling.
  6. Keep STOCK FRESH.  Ensure that the oldest stock is issued first and that deteriorated, time-expired, unsafe and unwanted explosives are disposed of in a safe manner.  Inspect all returns immediately to ensure that they are in a safe condition for storage.
  7. Maintain adequate VENTILATION and prevent the entry of moisture in the form of rain, snow or ice.  Keep explosive stacks away from ventilation hoods to allow air circulation.
  8. Promptly carry out any necessary REPAIRS to the magazine.  Before undertaking major repairs, ensure that all explosives are removed to a safe and secure location and that the magazine is decontaminated as necessary.
  9. Do not SMOKE in or around the magazine, and do not take into the magazine any matches, lighters, flammable materials or any article that could spontaneously ignite.
  10. Use only approved portable ELECTRICAL DEVICES (lights, calculators and bar code readers) inside the magazine.
  11. Keep wireless COMMUNICATION DEVICES with transmission capabilities enabled OUTSIDE a magazine containing electrically initiated devices.  A good practice is to leave such items in the vehicle.
  12. Clear the GROUND and keep it free from long grass, brush, readily combustible or flammable materials and debris.
  13. Ensure that CASES / packages / containers not being used are empty and disposed of.
  14. Ensure that required warning SIGNS are posted and maintained.
  15. Do not allow loaded FIREARMS in or near the magazine.
  16. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date INVENTORY of the contents of the magazine.
  17. Ensure that all cases (inner and outer) are marked with your LICENCE NUMBER.
  18. Issue explosives only to authorized PERSONS.
  19. Before leaving, ensure the magazine is securely LOCKED.
  20. Ensure that only authorized persons have access to the KEYS.
  21. At the approach of a THUNDERSTORM, close the magazine and evacuate all persons from the area for the duration of the storm.
  22. Do not load any VEHICLE that does not conform to the Explosives Regulations, 2013 and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  23. REPORT immediately any fire, accident, break-in, attempted break-in, theft or other incident to the Chief Inspector of Explosives and the local police.

Chief Inspector of Explosives
Explosives Regulatory Division

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