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eLMS Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)?

eLMS is an online application that has been designed to provide individuals and organizations online access to their licensing information at any time, apply for/renew applications, make amendments, check the status of submissions and make online payments. The system is user friendly and a help desk is available to assist you with an application or if you experience any problems while accessing the eLMS. Access is through Natural Resources Canada’s portal (NRCan) for eServices (eportal) and then enrolling in Explosive Services.

What services are currently available on the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)?

There are currently two services available on the new eLMS: Authorization and Importation. For authorization, you can apply to get your products authorized, amend authorized products, pay fees online and search the Authorized Product list. Importation services include applying for, amending or renewing permits, payment of fees online and submission of import transaction reports.

All other explosives services will become available in early 2018 and will include manufacturing and storage licensing, export, in transit and transport permits, firework operator and firecracker certificates, security screening, restricted component enrolment and all reporting requirements.

What are the advantages as a licence holder of using the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)?

By using the eLMS, a licence holder has immediate access to all their authorizations and import permits. All explosives services are available, from starting an application, making payments, checking an application status, updating information and receiving approvals. Being online means not having to worry about lost documents or delays via mail.

NRCan will continue to support paper-based applications submitted by mail or fax if you choose not to utilize the features of the new eLMS.

How long will it take to get my Licence if I apply using the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)? How will I receive it?

Once you submit a complete application with all the required supporting documentation, the time it takes to process will depend on the complexity of the application, the need for testing and the need for additional information by an inspector. Normal processing times will apply, however, once an approval has been granted, you will receive an email notification and your authorizations and permits will be available to you immediately. Authorized users can then retrieve their Notice of Authorization or Import Permit through Explosives Services by logging into NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal).

How can I access and use the services available on the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)?

The system can be accessed by registering through NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal) and enrolling in Explosive Services. 

How do I enroll with the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS)?

There are two steps to enrollment:

  1. Users need to be authenticated in NRCan’s secure NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal). The step by step process will guide you to a chooser page where you will choose a secure Sign-in-Method; and,
  2. Once authenticated, you will then perform a one-time enrollment for Explosive Services.
What is involved in the enrollment process?
  • First time users will need to do a one-time enrolment for Explosive Services through NRCan’s new NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal).
  • Subsequent sessions will only require you to Sign into NRCan’s portal for eServices, after which you will automatically have access to the Explosive Services for which you previously enrolled.
Why does it take so long to submit my application form?


The time it takes to submit depends on the size of the file(s) attached or the number of products being requested.  Files larger than 5 MB, or an application with several thousand products, can take several minutes to submit.  Please do not continue or stop the processing until submission is complete as an incomplete application will be receive by NRCan. If a file or files are larger than 20 MB, or your application contains more than 8000 products, please contact eLMS Help Desk at 613-948-5200 before submitting.

Products are missing from my import permit that were there previously. What happened?

When an import permit is renewed or amended, only products that are authorized on that date are put onto the permit.  Products that were de-authorized between when the permit was issued, and either amended or renewed, are no longer permitted to be imported and are therefore removed from the import permit. If you require products that have been de-authorized, please contact the eLMS Help Desk at 613-948-5200.

What are the secure sign-in credentials are used to access NRCan’s Electronic Portal for eServices (ePortal)?

You may choose to use a Government of Canada GCKey username and password or by using sign-in-partners (banks). When you use your online banking credential, the information you enter and the identity of the financial institution are not shared with the government service you are trying to access. Similarly, information about the government service being accessed is not shared with your financial institution. 

I am having problems accessing NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal).

This could mean that your browser’s software doesn’t meet the security standards. See Your Browser to verify the security level of your browser. If necessary, upgrade your version. If you have made the necessary changes to meet the browser requirements but still cannot access the process, contact the NRCan eServices Help Desk at 613-948-5200.

What if I am experiencing technical problems with the system or have questions?

The appropriate Help Desk contact information is available to help with technical problems or questions you may have.

What are the browser requirements?

NRCan Explosives Services are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Please confirm your browser settings before accessing the Electronic Licence Management System (eLMS) online through Explosive Services at NRCan’s portal for eServices (eportal).

What is the Single Window Initiative (SWI) and how does it help me as an importer of explosives?

The Single Window Initiative (SWI) replaces the tools and processes used today to transfer data from border crossing activity to NRCan for the Explosives Program. Data and business rules are sent to Canada Border Services Agency with validated post-arrival data sent back for the program to process in our electronic Licence Management System (eLMS). The development of this new business model and associated automation was undertaken to enhance and improve the quality of import permit licensing services delivered to our stakeholders. 

Importers or persons acting on their behalf (brokers) are able to submit, to the CBSA, the information identified by NRCan to support compliance with explosives regulatory requirements. The information is to be submitted pre-arrival via the Integrated Import Declaration (IID). The IID submission can be done up to 90 days in advance and the Trade Chain Partner is able to receive recommended border decisions up to 90 days in advance.

Currently, 50% of Explosives importers use Brokers and they constitute up to 90% of the Explosives quantity imports. For the IID submission Trade Chain Partners (TCPs) can now get pre-arrival border recommendations up to 90 days in advance. For those importers not using brokers, the paper process at the border will continue to be supported. The paper process is expected to take longer at the border than pre-arrival IID submission with a Recommended Release decision. For import transactions using the IID, the importer will not have to submit the Import Transaction Report as NRCan receives the information directly from CBSA. For paper permit import transactions, the import report must be submitted as per the Act and Regulations – Natural Resources Canada Explosives Regulations, 2013.  

Is My Information Secure?

Yes. The information is stored in accordance with the requirements of the Government of Canada for the security of personal information. NRCan’s Electronic Portal for eServices (eportal) requires the use of secure login credentials before the Electronic Explosives Management System (eLMS) can be accessed. No one will have access to the information except authorized NRCan personal or those persons authorized by the information (Authorization or Permit) holder. The information you provide is held by the Government of Canada and is protected under the Federal Privacy Act.

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