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Completion of Section C – Explosives Volume Information

Key measures such as the tracking of explosives to prevent their illicit import, manufacture and export, were put in place to establish tighter controls over explosives and hazardous substances.  These measures are contained in the Public Safety Act, 2002 (PSA), which received royal assent in May 2004.

The Annual Report, which came into effect February 1, 2014, was designed to obtain information to be used to meet the obligations set out in the PSA. The Annual Report is used to account for explosives entering Canada through imports, the amount and type of explosives produced through manufacturing activities, the reporting on the distribution of the explosives imported and manufactured, and to account for the explosives exiting Canada through exports.

A report must be submitted for each calendar year in which a licence, certificate or permit is valid and must be submitted by March 31 of the year following the one being reported.

Volumes are reported by UN Number and should be by NEQ if possible.

F07-02: Annual Report (PDF, 595 kb)

Import Permits Holders

  • The volumes of explosives being imported into Canada must be reported by holders of import permits. In addition to volumes imported, the distribution through sales, use, transfer, and the amounts destroyed, lost and stolen must be reported for the explosives listed.
  • Please use the “sold” column to report all explosives sold, transferred, provided or used.

Export Permits Holders

  • The volumes of explosives exported from Canada must be reported by the holders of export permits. For export permit holders, the amounts acquired for export, exported, destroyed, lost and stolen must be reported.
  • Please use “imported” to report all explosives purchased, received or manufactured for export.

Factories and Manufacturing Certificates Holders

  • To reconcile the reporting of volumes on a factory licence or manufacturing certificate, all explosive volumes acquired to manufacture an explosive (i.e. explosives used as a component of a manufactured explosive), the volumes manufactured, the volumes sold, transferred and used to manufacture, plus the amounts destroyed, lost or stolen must be reported by UN Number on the Annual Report.  Any explosive acquired and sold that is not part of a manufacturing process (i.e. vendor activities), or non-explosives components used to manufacture an explosive, need not be reported.
  • NOTE: We are tracking the manufacture of various types of explosives made from explosives and non-explosive components. The volumes of explosives imported and manufactured which are used to manufacture other explosives must be known in order to determine the volumes which are sold and used for other purposes.
  • Please use “imported” to report explosives imported, purchased or received for use in manufacturing an explosive and “sold” to report explosives sold, used, used to manufacture, or transferred.
  • All Licences, permits and certificates associated with a single manufacturing site may be compiled into one report.


Example 1: The acquisition of shaped charges, detonating cord and the manufacture of perforating guns are to be reported, but not the acquisition and sale/transfer of detonators and power charges. The quantities of shaped charges and detonating cord acquired to be used to manufacture the perforating guns is reported as “imported, purchased or received for use” and the quantity actually used to manufacture perforating guns is reported under “sold”. The perforating guns that are used are reported as being “sold”.
Example 2: The acquisition of basic emulsion (UN0332) used to manufacture a bulk explosive (also a UN0332) must be reported. The volume of basic emulsion (UN0332) acquired to be     used to manufacture a bulk explosive (UN0332) is reported as “imported, purchased or received for use”. The volume of basic emulsion used to make the bulk explosive is added to the amount “sold”.   It does not include the acquisition of detonators and packaged explosives sold unaltered as part of licence activities. The acquisition of ammonium nitrate used to manufacture a bulk explosive is not reported.
Example 3: The importation volumes and sale/transfer of all explosive volumes on each import permit must be reported. All sales and transfers are reported under “sold”.
Example 4: All volumes acquired to be exported are reported under “imported” while the volumes exported are reported under “exported”.
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