Fires, insects and disturbances

Forest fire
Explore forest fire maps and learn about forest fire behaviour, forest fire management, and tools to identify current fire locations and forest fire danger levels across Canada.

Fire weather maps
Find daily fire weather forecasts and information on fire danger conditions in Canada.

National Wildland Fire Situation Report
Find current and historical fire conditions and the fire danger expected for the week based on weather forecasts. Get statistics on the number of fires and extent of area burned, a list of priority fires, and a synopsis of fires in the past week.


Insects and diseases
Access tools and information to help identify and monitor native and invasive forest insects and diseases in Canada.

Emerald ash borer
Find information about the status and outlook for the emerald ash borer, as well as fact sheets and scientific research resources.

Forest Change
Find information about the impacts of climate change on Canada’s forests and on how to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Trees damaged by mountain pine beetles

Why forests need fire, insects and diseases
Learn how natural disturbances, such as forest fires, insects and diseases, help boreal and other types of forests stay healthy


Deforestation: Key facts
Get the facts about forest land use change in Canada and what deforestation really means.

State of Canada’s Forests report

State of Canada’s Forests report
Read the latest report about Canada’s forests, including information on harvesting, fire and insect impacts, employment and deforestation.