Infographic: Fort McMurray fire at a glance

The Fort McMurray fire in 2016 was the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history.

In this infographic, learn about the impacts of the Fort McMurray fire on evacuations, infrastructure, the economy, the firefighting costs and the number of firefighters. And see the size of the fire compared to Canada?s largest fires on record and the province of Prince Edward Island.

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Infographic: Fort McMurray fire at a glance

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A summary of statistics on the Fort McMurray fire, the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history, illustrated in an infographic with 5 sections: (1) a map showing the fire perimeter and the communities, First Nation communities and camps or facilities that were evacuated for the Fort McMurray fire, including from north to south: Kearl camp; Fort McKay First Nation; Alblan Sands camp; For Mckay First Nation; Fort McMurray; Fort McMurray First Nation; Gregoire Lake Estates; Anzac; Fort McMurray First Nation; Long Lake camp; Hangingstone camp; Surmont camp; Chipewyn Prairie First Nation; Leismer camp. There is a scale bar and North arrow in the bottom left corner. An inset in the top corner of the map show the location of Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta, in Canada. (2) a list of statistics about the fire and its impacts: Fire start date - May 1, 2016; Date under control - July 5, 2016; Area burned - 589,617 hectares; Cause of fire - Not yet determined; Number of people evacuated - About 88,000 (entire population of Fort McMurray); Number of buildings lost - About 2,400 (including 665 work camp units); Firefighting costs - Over $100 million; Insurance costs - $3.77 billion in claims; Lost work hours - 7.6 million; Impact on National Real GDP - -0.4% in Q2 2016. (3) A set of six circles containing the flags of countries that contributed firefighters with the number of firefighters from each country: Canada 2,038; South Africa 301; USA 200; Mexico 42; Australia 1; New Zealand 1. (4) A bar chart comparing the size of the Fort McMurray fire in hectares to the largest fires on record in Canada, noting the Fort McMurray fire as Canada’s 4th largest fire on record. The fires are: a 1,462,449 hectare fire in British Columbia and Alberta in 1950; an 886,994 hectare fire in Northwest Territories in 1995; a 753,889 hectare fire in Northwest territories in 2014; the 589,617 hectare Fort McMurray, Alberta fire in 2016; and a 576,208 hectare fire in Alberta in 2011. (5) A visual comparison of the size of the Fort McMurray fire perimeter of 589,617 hectares adjacent to the size of Prince Edward Island at 566,000 hectares.