Engineered wood products


Narrator: Engineered wood products offer a versatile, attractive and environmentally sustainable alternative for heavy construction.

Pound for pound, these products can be as strong as steel in certain applications. They have inherent fire resistance capabilities and can exceed the stringent requirements of national and international building codes.

The Government of Canada has been investing in the research, market development and commercialization of these innovative building products.

Demonstrating superior performance, these wood-based products provide strength, stiffness, and consistency, making them well-suited for heavy loads, long spans and innovative designs typical in heavy construction.

Manufactured by gluing together pieces of wood under pressure, engineered wood products can be produced in custom shapes and sizes, providing architects and engineers significant flexibility in design.

They can be engineered to meet the precise requirements of individual projects and can be delivered to construction sites ready to be assembled, resulting in faster construction – often at lower cost.


Engineered wood products: Strong, versatile, beautiful.