Forest videos

Advancing collaboration between forest and oil and gas sectors

This video illustrates an innovative opportunity for cross sector-collaboration to advance responsible resource development in Canada. (3 minutes, 44 seconds)
MP4 format - Duration: 3:44

Industrial forest bioproducts: An innovative opportunity for cross-sector collaboration and GHG reductions

What can genomics do for Canada's forestry sector?

This video describes how genomic research is helping to maintain the health and productivity of Canada's forests. (1 minute, 23 seconds)
MP4 format - Duration: 1:23

By studying the DNA of trees, pests and other organisms, forest genomics can enable the growth of healthy, productive and sustainable forests.

Forest bio-materials

This video describes how the fibre in wood is the source of two new forest bio-materials. (2 minutes, 34 seconds)
MP4 format - Duration: 2:34

Cellulose nanocrystals and cellulose filaments are two new revolutionary forest bio-materials helping Canada’s pulp and paper sector become more globally competitive.

The benefits of wood in building construction

Video describing the benefits of using wood in building construction
MP4 format - Duration: 2:07

Because of its many benefits and positive attributes, wood can be used in many types of building construction.

Wood products

Video: Wood products
MP4 format - Duration: 1:34

What do bath towels, ping pong balls and toothpaste have in common? Find out which of the common household products you use everyday contain wood components.

Mountain pine beetle and fire in our forests

Video: Mountain pine beetle and fire in our forests
MP4 format - Duration: 5:03

This video describes the role fire and mountain pine beetle play in the forest and how forest management strategies like prescribed burning can help return forest ecosystems to a state of balance and health.

The boreal forest

Video: The boreal forest
MP4 format - Duration: 5:09

Dr. Gordon Miller, former Director General with the Canadian Forest Service, discusses the social, economic and ecological importance of Canada's boreal forest to Canadians and the long history of research in this important region.

Natural disturbances in the boreal forest

Video: Natural disturbances in the boreal forest
MP4 format - Duration: 5:02

Research scientists, Dr. Marty Alexander and Dr. Jan Volney, explain the role of natural disturbances in Canada’s boreal forest ecosystem.

Harvesting in the boreal forest

Video: Harvesting in the boreal forest
MP4 format - Duration: 4:56

Dr. Doug Pitt, a vegetation management and biometrics scientist, discusses the scientific basis for the harvesting systems used in Canada’s boreal forest.

Boreal birds

Video: Boreal birds
MP4 format - Duration: 4:35

This video discusses the relationship between forest management planning and the birds of the boreal forest.

Boreal biodiversity

Video: Boreal biodiversity
MP4 format - Duration: 4:48

This video discusses biodiversity in the boreal forest and how scientists and forest managers are working to maintain it.

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