In Canada, as in many other parts of the world, flooding is a serious natural hazard that occurs both seasonally as well as unexpectedly.  The outcome can be catastrophic, often resulting in damage to property and infrastructure, injury to humans, and even loss of life.

The use of satellite-derived Earth Observations (EO) provides the opportunity for a synoptic, near-real time overview of a flood situation.  The products generated by the Emergency Geomatics Service (EGS) of the Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation (formerly Canada Centre for Remote Sensing-CCRS) provide emergency responders at a range of levels and jurisdictions with critical information required during the response phase of the emergency management cycle.

EGS responds to federal requests for assistance through the Department of Public Safety and the Department of National Defence.  Derived flood extent products are generated in near-real time and provided to end-users through a secure web mapping service.

Since 2006, EGS has provided flood extent maps in Canada as well as internationally.

For more details see CCRS Emergency Response Activity In Canada (.pdf, .650 megabyte) and  CCRS Emergency Response Activity Internationally (.pdf, 1.3 megabyte).