High-Resolution Digital Elevation Model (HRDEM): The Canadian Arctic like you've never seen it before !

August 29, 2019

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is proud to announce a new release of the High Resolution Digital Elevation Model (HRDEM) product for the entire Canadian Arctic! This new data at 2m replaces the previous 5m resolution version and completes the new offer of high-resolution elevation data for the Northern part of the National Elevation Data Strategy. This milestone is significant for the Government of Canada as the data offers to view the Canadian Arctic in 3D like we've never seen it before! The data comes from the ArcticDEM project, which aimed to provide high-resolution digital surface models for all the Arctic regions of the planet. NRCan applied corrections and improvements to the data according to the Canadian standards. This highly detailed 3D information will be very useful for planning operations in the North without costly or risky on-site missions. Moreover, it will help scientists to remotely monitor changes related to coastal erosion, melting glaciers, deforestation, road construction and more.

For more information on this new data and on the improvements that were performed, please consult the Product Specifications.

Explore the data!

You can download HRDEM data from the Open Government Portal. Use one of the following options to view the current inventory and to download datasets: "View on Map", "Project Footprints" or "Dataset Footprints", in KML, Shapefile or ESRI REST formats.

About the National Elevation Data Strategy

The National Elevation Data Strategy aims to increase high-resolution elevation data coverage for Canada and improve accessibility to the products. Collaboration is a key factor to the success of the Strategy. Data is thus acquired by multiple projects from different partners. The HRDEM product is part of the CanElevation Series created in support of the National Elevation Data Strategy.

Legend : HRDEM coverage map as of August 2019

Legend: Examples showing the details of this new 3D data in the North. a) Mountainous region with lakes flattened by CCMEO. b) The city of Iqaluit with detailed infrastructures and buildings. c) Mountainous region with glacier, glacier tongues and moraines. d) The municipality of Cambridge Bay with detailed infrastructures and buildings. e) Glacier tongue and moraines.