Canada Lands Surveys

Learn how lands under national jurisdiction are surveyed and administered under the Canada Lands Surveys Act.

Maps – Canada Lands Surveys

Mapping products available for free download.

About Canada Lands

From the Yukon to our undersea resources, Indian Reserves to our historic national parks.

Canada Lands Survey System

Defining, demarcating and describing boundaries of Canada Lands and northern private lands.

For Canada Lands Surveyors

Guidelines for arranging surveys on and legislation that governs surveyors.

For Land Administrators

Location and extent of land and management of property rights.

Getting a Survey Done

Administrative requirements and procedures for surveys on Canada Lands.

The Surveyor General

Roles and responsibilities of the Surveyor General and their organization.

Surveyor General Branch Offices

Contact your regional branch with Survey inquiries.

Data – Canada Lands Surveys

Data access methods, and parcel and boundary datasets

Federal Programs – Canada Lands Surveys

Standards for surveys, registration processes and archive for legal survey documents.