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This education kit is intended to be saved and then printed out in colour. It is available in Adobe PDF format which can be viewed by both Macs and PCs. The entire file is about 12.6 MB in size. We have also provided it in three sections if you prefer to download a smaller amount at a time. We do not have any other format or delivery mechanism available. You must use version 4.0 or later of the PDF viewer "Adobe Acrobat Reader", available free of charge.

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save the entire kityouthkit_e.pdf [PDF, 13.2 Mb] (takes approx 35 minutes using a phone line and a 56.6 K modem)

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download part 1 via FTP
youthkitpt1_e.pdf [PDF, 5.6 Mb]

Section 1: Notes for Teachers

1.1 About This Tutorial

Section 2: Notes for Students

2.1 What Is Remote Sensing?
2.2 What Can You See in a Satellite Image?
2.3 Who Uses Remote Sensing?

Section 3: Activities

3.1 Which is Which?
3.2 Find It
3.3 Measure This

download part 2
yoouthkitpt2_e.pdf [PDF, 4.3 Mb]B

Section 3: Activities (con't)

3.4 Clearcutting in the Forest
3.5 Oil Spill Danger!
3.6 Crop Types
3.7 Forest Fire
3.8 Navigating a Ship Through Ice
3.9 You Figure it Out

download part 3 via FTP
youthkitpt3_e.pdf [PDF, 3.2 Mb]

Section 3: Activities (con't)

3.10 Urban Land Use Mapping
3.11 At a Mine Site
3.12 A Different Perspective

Section 4: More About Remote Sensing

4.1 Why Does Remote Sensing work So Well?
4.2 Frequently Asked Questions
4.3 Glossary of Remote Sensing Terms


A. Using a Dot Grid to Measure Area
B. Using a Compass
C. Using Cartesian Co-ordinates
D. Answers to Activities

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