Geodetic Reference Systems Tools

News: Notice to users of Canadian Geodetic Survey's online services

To comply with Information Technology Policy Implementation Notice Number 2018-01 from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat regarding the use of HTTPS protocol, the Canadian Geodetic Survey (CGS) has to make modifications that could potentially impact some clients.

Users may be affected when attempting to access tools and data provided by CGS. If your system does not support TLS 1.2, consider upgrading your operating system and/or web browser before December 31, 2019..

Geodetic reference systems stem from the need to provide a consistent and integrated reference surface for data analysis. Applications include surveying, mapping, navigation, remote sensing and mineral exploration amongst others. At the national level, NRCan maintains the Canadian Spatial Reference System (CSRS), through the use of the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83CSRS), which is the adopted standard in Canada.

This site provides end-users with the geodetic data and tools they need for a range of commercial and private uses. One of the most popular services is the online CSRS-PPP service, which provides centimetre-accuracy positioning in either NAD83(CSRS) or ITRF using GNSS technologies.