Automating for energy efficiency underground

Energy costs represent a significant component of the total cost of operations for Canada’s mining sector.  Energy use in the mining sector is a significant contributor to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.  One very large energy consumer in underground mining is ventilation.

What is ‎ventilation-on-demand?

Ventilation-on-demand means air is provided to underground tunnels and openings only when and where it is needed, rather than providing air to all openings at all times whether they are being used or not. This technology can reduce energy consumption ‎in an underground mine by up to 40 per cent.

The efficiency of underground ventilation systems in general is another area needing improvement, and new technologies are continually being developed with the aim of optimizing ventilation systems.

CanmetMINING will focus research and development efforts on:

  • techniques to measure the quality of the underground air;
  • real-time monitoring of the air quality underground;
  • optimizing underground ventilation systems to improve energy efficiency; and
  • benchmarking for energy consumption in mining and milling.
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