Mineral Production

Each year, in collaboration with several provinces and territories, the Minerals and Metals Statistics Division (MMSD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)’s Lands and Minerals Sector conducts the Annual Census of Mines, Quarries and Sand Pits, surveying Canadian mining companies and collecting data on key mineral industry statistics.

The census collects preliminary estimates and actual non-fuel mineral production data. Both involve many questionnaires covering several commodities and refined metals.

The collected data form the basis for periodical publications (monthly, preliminary estimates, annual) that provide timely statistical data on production and stocks of significant mineral commodities.

Annual Statistics of Mineral Production
Scroll through statistical reports on annual mineral production.

Monthly Statistics of Mineral Production
This page offers links to the latest monthly release of Production of Canada’s Leading Minerals (PCLM), and several historical PCLM publications.

Mineral Industries Statistics
Find out more about statistical tables based on the annual Census of Mines, Quarries and Sand Pits, an annual survey of nonfuel mineral mining establishments. Key Definitions, Scope and Methods of census are provided

Preliminary Estimates of Mineral Production
Read about the preliminary estimates of mineral production data, with an explanation of the relevant definitions, scope and methods.

Survey Definitions and Methodology of Mineral Production
Read more about the survey methodology, and key definitions related to mineral production.

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