Tell Us Your Story

We want to know your story and share it on our website!

At SmartWay, we understand that all of our partners work hard in their commitment to the environment, whether by reducing their fuel consumption or by hiring SmartWay carriers. Some of our partners join SmartWay to save money, while others join SmartWay to measure their performance over time. Tell us about your business and we will publicize you on our website!

In addition, our affiliates work hard to provide their members with information about SmartWay. Some of our affiliates have promoted SmartWay in their newsletters, while others have told their members about the benefits of SmartWay at conferences. Let us know what you are up to. We would love to recognize your work on our website!

Here are a few examples of things that you can tell us about:

  • How you use SmartWay.
  • Benefits your business has seen since joining SmartWay.
  • How SmartWay has helped your business save money.
  • Your motivation for joining SmartWay.
  • Your strategies for improving your fuel efficiency.
  • A challenge that you have overcome or are trying to overcome.
  • Changes you have made to your freight operations since joining SmartWay.
  • Anything else related to SmartWay!

All SmartWay partners and affiliates are invited to participate. Please e-mail us at to get started!