The State of Canada's forests report

The State of Canada’s Forests Annual Report provides a national snap shot of Canada’s forests and forest industry. We’ve been tracking our journey toward sustainable forest management for 28 years. This year’s report focuses on the theme “faces of forestry” and features the innovative ways people work and learn in forests. Read the message from Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, visit our table of contents or watch our video.


How much forest does Canada have? How do power engineers contribute to the forestry supply chain? Find interesting forest facts in our colourful printable infographics.


Indigenous-industry business partnerships, the complex case of woodland caribou, and Canada’s growing forest bioeconomy: read on for interesting stories revolving around Canada’s forests.


Find facts and trends about the sustainable management of Canada’s forests, including: how much forest Canada harvests; how insects and fires affect Canada’s forests; and how the forest industry is changing.


Find downloadable provincial and national forestry statistics about a range of topics including: forest inventory; forest management; forest industry employment; and trade.