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Regulatory Reminder on the Use of: Reactive Targets, (Type S.2) High Hazard Special Purpose Explosives

Binary kits/exploding targets are used and enjoyed by many in safe shooting environments. Binary kits include separate ingredients (e.g. ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder), that when mixed together become reactive targets that will react when hit by a projectile of sufficient velocity.

If not properly handled and used according to instructions and Regulations, there’s potential for injuries to users or harm to property. If not properly stored, they could end up in the wrong hands. Binary kits sold for use as reactive targets can lawfully be used for that purpose only.

In Canada, binary kits are subject to federal laws. Under the Explosives Regulations, 2013 (ER 2013), purchasers of binary kits can only be users that are holders of a fireworks operator certificate – pyrotechnician or a licence (Possession Access Licence (PAL)) issued under the Firearms Act. Under ER 2013, additional requirements are included, for example:

  • Unlicensed retail sales – unlicensed sales of high hazard special purpose explosives (type S.2) are not permitted. Binary kits (including exploding targets) are classified as high hazard special purpose explosives. Sales can only occur if the seller has a magazine licence.
  • Licenced Retail Sales – the sale of any quantity of high hazard special purpose explosives must be from a sales establishment and requires a magazine licence. A retailer can only sell to user (section 260).
  • Display – high hazard special purpose explosives must not be displayed for sale (section 258).
  • Unlicensed Users – may store no more than 20 kg of high hazard special purpose explosives (type S.2) including binary kits in a storage unit.
  • Licenced Users – if storing more than 20Kg of high hazard special purpose explosives, a user requires a magazine licence. Binary kits ingredients must be mixed at the place of use (section 138(2)) and once mixed they cannot be transported or stored.

It is the responsibility of all sellers and users of these special purpose explosives to ensure compliance with the Explosives Act and Regulations and to keep these potentially dangerous materials from misuse.

We ask for your continued support and request that you remain aware of and report any suspicious activity or behavior to the Explosives Safety and Security Branch at 613-948-5200.

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