Polar Continental Shelf Program

The Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP) Logistics Request Form for the 2020 field season is available online until October 23, 2019. Visit the Arctic Logistics Requests page to access the online application. Please contact the PCSP directly for any information about our program.

In accordance with Natural Resources Canada’s legislative authorities, the Polar Continental Shelf Program (PCSP) provides cost-effective logistics planning, coordination and advice for Canadian government, university, northern, independent and international researchers conducting scientific field work, particularly in Canada’s North. Through this work, the PCSP directly contributes to the exercise of Canadian Arctic sovereignty.

The Polar Continental Shelf Program’s mission is to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective logistics in support of science and Government priorities. The Program provides logistics throughout the Canadian Arctic for field research that is conducted by Canadian government, university, northern, independent and international research organizations.  Additionally, the Program provides specific field logistics support for the Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre that is hosted at the PCSP facility in Resolute, Nunavut.

The PCSP can offer planning, coordination and delivery of the following Arctic logistics:

  • Charter air transportation to and from remote field camps throughout Canada’s North
  • Field equipment for loan (including cold-weather clothing and communications equipment)
  • Fuel for aircraft, field equipment and camps
  • Meals, accommodations and working space (including a multi-purpose laboratory) at the PCSP facility (Arctic logistics hub) in Resolute, Nunavut (open from February to September)
  • Scientific licensing and permitting advice
  • Advice and coordination for shipping and receiving (including sealift and dangerous goods)
  • A communications network that links the PCSP with the research teams in field camps dispersed throughout the Arctic

The PCSP also offers field equipment, shipping and receiving coordination and advice for federal government field research and operations at non-Arctic locations across Canada

Coordination, advice and planning

By coordinating multiple projects and seeking opportunities to share resources among projects, the PCSP creates synergies and increases the feasibility of individual projects.  This model of sharing logistics is necessary for work in Canada’s North. Given the high costs of Arctic logistics and the substantial time required for planning, the PCSP accepts requests for Arctic logistics planning, coordination and delivery in northern Canada during the month of October each year for the following calendar year.  Requests made at other times of the year may sometimes be accommodated—please contact the PCSP for more information.

Federal researchers may make non-Arctic logistics requests throughout the year.  PCSP coordination, planning and advice for field logistics at non-Arctic locations across Canada are limited to field equipment.  The PCSP’s Ottawa logistics hub is open year-round.

Please refer to PCSP’s Terms and Conditions prior to requesting any logistics.

Learn more

  • The PCSP brochure [PDF 1.4 Mb] provides an overview of the PCSP and its partners.
  • The PCSP Arctic Operations Manual [PDF 5.4 Mb] provides information on working in the Arctic and the Arctic logistics request process.
  • The PCSP’s annual science reports are a source of information about the incredible variety of projects that have been supported by the PCSP over the years.

Also, please refer to the Current projects page for a listing of this year’s supported projects.

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