Council of Energy Ministers

Moving Forward on Energy Efficiency

At the September 2007 Council of Energy Ministers’ meeting, Ministers released their first-ever joint report Moving Forward on Energy Efficiency in Canada: A Foundation for Action. The document offers a menu of tools from which governments can choose to enhance energy efficiency according to their unique priorities and timelines and outlines the important contribution that energy efficiency and conservation can make to support environmental, economic and social objectives in Canada. Building on the foundation provided by Moving Forward, Ministers directed officials to develop recommendations for shared actions that could be pursued by multiple jurisdictions to improve energy efficiency.

Opportunities have now been identified and, as a result, a number of collaborative initiatives are underway in jurisdictions that will help Canadians reduce energy use in their homes and buildings, transportation, and industry. By working together to establish a coordinated and complementary agenda for energy efficiency, federal, provincial and territorial governments will continue to develop real and sustainable energy solutions in their own jurisdictions, helping Canadians cope with rising energy prices as well as the environmental impacts of energy use. As presented to the Council of Energy Ministers' 2008 meeting, a number of collaborative energy efficiency actions are now underway.