Competitive Licensing Opportunities

When competitive licensing opportunities become available, NRCan will post a notice on this webpage to invite interested parties to submit a business plan for consideration. Business plans must be submitted to NRCan’s Intellectual Property Division before the advertised deadline.  Successful candidates will be invited by NRCan to negotiate a commercialization licence. The terms of these licences may include commercial exclusivity in a given field or territory.

Current opportunities

“Radiant Barrier for Thermal Protection of Rail Cars Tanks from Fire”

The deadline for expressions of interest for this opportunity has passed. NRCan is no longer accepting expressions of interest.

The Business Opportunity

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is seeking expressions of interest from Canadian firms who wish to enter into a commercial licensing arrangement to bring to market our method for creating a radiant barrier for thermal protection of rail tank cars to protect the tank and its content in the event of fire, thereby replacing or supplementing the use of ceramic fibre blankets. This license would enable the firm to manufacture and sell this technology, including all aspects of design, manufacture, construction, commissioning, service, maintenance, support, marketing and sales. While the primary markets are in rail transport industries where end users are most likely to be rail tank car operators and rail tank car manufacturers, there are other potential market opportunities in the areas of storage and transportation of dangerous goods, the transport of crude oil, flammable materials, explosive and hazardous liquids in tank cars, fire protection, and thermal protection. This technology may aid in meeting or exceeding thermal protection requirements for tank cars, as described in the technical standards from the Association of American Railroads (AAR M-1002) and Transport Canada (TP 14877).

Brief Technology Description

NRCan has developed and filed a patent for a thermal protection method for rail tank cars that is broadly applicable to all tanks containing flammable, explosive, or hazardous liquids. Many tank cars, especially those in flammable liquid service, have an inner tank and an outer shell, which surrounds the inner tank and creates an annulus. This technology protects the inner tank and its contents from the high heat transfer rates caused by a fire. It replaces or supplements the use of ceramic fibre blanket thermal protection. This thermal protection method is cost-effective, suitable for retrofitting existing tanks, and not prone to shifting or degrading over time.

Reference Material

Patent Application filed.

Details about the technology will be provided upon signature of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Section 8.2.7 of the “Containers for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail, a Transport Canada Standard

Standard M-1002 of the “Association of American Railroads Manual of Standards

Standard TP 14877 of the “TDG Regulations

Expression of Interest

Companies interested in commercializing the NRCan technology must submit a letter of interest to NRCan on or before March 29, 2019. NRCan will invite qualified companies to attend a webinar where NRCan’s researchers will provide more details and will be able to answer questions. Participation in these information sessions will be subject to signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Following the webinar, companies may submit questions and requests for clarifications. NRCan’s responses to questions and requests for clarifications will be issued to all qualified companies alike.

Companies interested in becoming NRCan’s licensee will then be required to submit a business plan for NRCan’s consideration. Business plans must address all of the elements outlined in Appendix A: Business Plan Required Format, and must be submitted to the contact below.


Rebecca Bednarek, Intellectual Property Officer

Intellectual Property Division

580 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E4


Tel: 343-292-7006

Appendix A: Business Plan Required Format

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Organizational maturity

Experience /success in the industry

Technical capability

Marketing capacity

Corporate objectives

  • Short-term objectives
  • Long-term objectives

Market, Customer, and Competition Analysis

Market opportunity, size and trends

Key customer bases

Key competitors

Production and Marketing Plan

Product description

Distribution channel(s)

Target markets (i.e. Canada, USA, worldwide) and sales strategy

Financial Information

Five-year cash flow forecast

Capital cost estimates

Operating budgets

Manufacturing costs

Proposed sale price

Proposed profit margin targets

Proposed royalty structure

Knowledge and Experience

Experience with rail design and manufacture

Familiarity with transportation regulations, specifically the standards for the transportation of dangerous goods provided by Transport Canada and the standards provided by the American Association of Railroads

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