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Clean Growth Program semi-finalists

Launched on November 5, 2017 the Clean Growth Program received over 750 submissions. After undergoing in-depth expert reviews, the semi-finalists were invited to submit full project proposals. 104 proposals were received and reviewed by an expert panel. 50 projects were then selected to advance to final due diligence prior to signing a contribution agreement with the Program. As these projects are announced they are posted to our Current Investments page.
(Four semi-finalists do not appear on the list as they do not wish to be disclosed).

Please note that the Project Titles have been provided by the applicants and are available in either English or French.

Project Lead Project Title
3P Technology Corp Pulsed Power Drilling Waste Remediation
ABRI Tech Inc Development of Biooil and Biochar Markets in Newfoundland
AGNICO EAGLE MINES LIMITED Pre- feasibility study on compact axial turbines for in-river hydroelectricity generation in Nunavut
Airex Energy Inc Hazelton Biocoal Energy
Alberta Geothermal Corp. Eavor-Loop Implementation Facility
Applied Quantum Materials Inc. Luminescent Solar Concentrators for Building Integrated Photovoltaics
ArcelorMittal Dofasco G.P. Biocarbon Injection at AM Dofasco
Arterran Renewables Ltd. Arterran Advanced Fuel (AAF) / DMI Pilot Plant
Barrick Gold Corp. Dynaminer continuous cutting system
BC Research Inc. Biohydrogen Production Through Catalytic Reforming with Negative Carbon Emission.
BioÉnergie La Tuque Première bioraffinerie canadienne de production de carburants renouvelables issus de la valorisation de résidus de coupe forestière.
BioLargo Water Canada, Inc. Treatment of OSPW Using BioLargo’s Advanced Oxidation System (AOS)
Bio-mine ltd. Prototype Cleantech
Mine Process Simulator Plant
Biothermica Technologies Inc. Conversion de résidus de bois (biomasse) pour la production de gaz de synthèse et de biocarburants par un procédé de gazéification couplé avec un électrolyseur.
C-FER Technologies (1999) Inc. Enhanced Geothermal Anywhere
CalAgua Innovations Corp. Eliminating Alberta’s Oilsands Tailings Ponds by Processing Fine Tailings with Ionic Liquids and Nanomaterials
Canada Mining Innovation Council Novel Grinding Technology to Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption in Mining
Canadian Natural Resources Limited In-Pit Extraction Process
Canfor Pulp Ltd. Pulp Mill Biocrude; extended production, applications and verification
Canfor Pulp Ltd. Catalytic Hydrothermal Bio Crude Facility - Front End Engineering
Carbonix Inc. Tailings Management Through Nano Technologies
Carleton University Electrochemical water treatment technology for the pulp and paper industry
Carleton University Optical Technology to Quantify and Mitigate Casing Gas and Liquid Storage Tank Venting
Cementation Canada Inc. Injection Hoisting Demonstrator
Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation Improved Technologies and Bioprocesses for Valorization of Pyrrhotite and Arsenopyrite Mine Wastes
Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation Reducing Energy in Comminution
Centre Technologique des Résidus Industriels Mise à niveau de la technologie de pyrolyse CarbonFX pour la valorisation des déchets à base de bois.
Centre Technologique des Résidus Industriels Utilisation des Hautes Puissances Pulsées (HPP) dans l’amélioration des procédés de concentration des métaux précieux et des métaux stratégiques.
Conifex Timber Inc. Conifex Biomass Waste Utilization Project
COREM Démonstration en usine pilote d’un procédé propre de réutilisation de l’azote pour dissoudre les métaux précieux
CRB Innovations inc. Scaling up first commercial pilot production of lignocellulosic sugars for biofuels production via a hub and spoke strategy
Domtar Inc. Development of an Innovative and Flexible Multi-Component Forest Biorefinery Park
E2Metrix Inc Démontrer la performance de l'électro-technologie ECOTHOR sur les effluents liquides des opérations minières
ElectroKinetic Solutions Inc. Prototype Testing on Oil Sands Tailings: ElectroKinetic Solutions-Dewatering Technology (EKS-DT)
Elkem Métal Canada inc Démonstration d'un procédé de fabrication de briquettes de biocarbone pour l'industrie métallurgique
Énergir & Greenfield Global Projet de valorisation en GNR de la biomasse forestière résiduelle (Projet G4)
Enerlab 2000 Inc. Unité de démonstration pour la fabrication d'un biopolyol à base de lignine et d'autres bioproduits forestiers
Enlighten Innovations Inc. CLEANSEAS Demonstration Project
Envirobay Inc Sulphate Treatment in Mining
Fortress Specialty Cellulose Inc. Production of Xylitol from Eastern Hardwood Pre-Hydrolysate Kraft Process
FPInnovations TMP-Bio
FPInnovations Hybrid Truck
FVT Research Inc. The 100% electric mine. Converting the biggest diesels to electric.
Geoscience BC Society Quantitative, Real-time GHG Mass Flux Measurements by sUAV
Goldcorp Canada Ltd Goldcorp EcoTails
Goldcorp Canada Ltd Borden 'Mine of the Future' Energy Innovations
Husky Oil Operations Limited HDR Diluent Reduction Technology Market Product and Trial
IAMGOLD CORPORATION The production and use of desulphurized tailings as a tailings facility cover
Imperial Oil Resources Limited Enhanced Bitumen Recovery Technology Pilot
Imperial Oil Resources Limited Demonstration of Flue Gas Heat and Water Recovery for Oil Sand Mining
INNOTECH ALBERTA INC. Bio-based Elastomer Material for Oilsands & Mining Slurries Piping Systems
INNOTECH ALBERTA INC. Advanced Low Carbon Solid Fuel Technology Demonstration for Coal-free Alberta
Integra Gold Corporation High Efficiency Conveyance for Underground Mining
International Institute for Sustainable Development Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) Technology for Oil Spill BioRemediation: A Component of the FOReST Project
Jetti Services Canada Inc Revolutionising copper production with Jetti: soluble depassivation catalyst for for ambient temperature leaching of sulphide waste rock and concentrator tailings
KmX Corporation Zero Liquid Discharge in Mining through Advanced Membrane Technology
Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology Forward Water Pilot Plant Optimization
LC Technologies Inc. LCTech CDI Water Treatment
Mag One Operations Inc. FEED Study for High Purity Magnesium Oxide Demonstration Plant using Tailings from former Asbestos (Serpentinite) Mining Operations
Mara Renewables Corporation Forest-to-Food: Algal Biomass from Wood By-Products
McMaster University Next-Generation Environmentally Friendly Underground Mining Vehicles with Electrified Powertrain and Adaptive Energy Management: Enabling Clean Growth of The Canadian Mining Industry
MEG Energy Corp. eMVAPEX Pilot, Phase 3
Memorial University of Newfoundland Nanoengineered Carbon Sorbents and Treatment System for Pollutants Removal based on Forest Products and Waste
Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation Engineered Natural Heat Exchange Systems for Mines
Nader Mahinpey A novel strategy for conversion of CO2 to value-added products via dry methane reforming: advancement towards a sustainable commercial technology
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Utilization of fly ash from pulp and paper mills for the removal of water from raw natural gas
Nova Innovation CAN Limited Nova Tidal Array
NRStor Remotes Communities and Mines L.P. Clean Energy Microgrid at Remote Nunavut Mine Site
Ontario Power Generation Mining and Small Nuclear Generation – Models for the North
Origin Materials Canada Pioneer BioProducts Sarnia Facilities
Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada Affordable Zero-Emission Fail-Safe Electric Dump Valve Actuator (DVA)
Propulsion Québec Développement d’un nouveau système de propulsion électrique pour l’industrie minière selon les recommandations du GMSG
Razor Energy Corp Geothermal energy co-production from an active oil and gas operation in Swan Hills, Alberta
Royal Institution for the advancement of learning / McGill University Rock Fragmentation with Explosives-Free Chemical Demolition Agents
Saltworks Technologies Inc. Enhanced Sustainability and Competitiveness of Canadian Oil Production: lowering OpEx, water, and environmental impacts via advanced ion exchange membrane water desalting plants
Saskatchewan Research Council Development of an At-line Active Clay Analyzer for the Canadian Mining Industry
Sitec Quartz Inc. A New Production Process for Fumed Silica Using Plasma
Suncor Energy Inc PASS Demonstration Pit Lake (DPL) Research Project
SYLVIS Enviromental Services Inc. BIOSALIX: Mine reclamation using fabricated soils and organic residuals to augment soil quality and underpin a cleantech economy through short rotation willow feedstock production
Terra CO2 Technologies Ltd. De-risking of Long-term Mine Waste Storage by Advanced Tailings Agglomeration and Coating
TerraVerdae Bioworks Inc. Advanced CNC Reinforced PHA Bioplastics
THE GOVERNING COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Renewable natural gas via electrocatalytic upgrading of CO2 captured at the wellhead
The Governors of the University of Alberta Next Generation of Water Purification Membranes: Green Solution for Water and Energy Efficiency in Oil Sands Industry
The University of British Columbia Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in Mine Tailings
Titanium Corporation Inc. Demonstration of CVW Sustainable Technology at Canadian Natural Horizon
Université Laval Atmospheric plasma technologies towards elimination of cyanides from gold extraction processes
Université Laval Bioremédiation (Biorestauration) par filtration phytobienne de drainage minier acide (DMA) pour un développement propre (PHYTOBIOREM)
University of British Columbia Breakthrough technologies to increase Canadian renewable natural gas production from forest and othe
University of Manitoba Addressing technical challenges to displace diesel and enable hydrokinetic renewable power for remote coastal and river communities Canada wide
University of Waterloo Utilization of cellulosic biomass for wood-plastic composites and rubber reinforcement
West Fraser Hinton Pulp Demonstration of Renewable Energy Production from Foul Condensates at a Kraft Pulp Mill
Woodgrove Technologies Inc. Using Direct Fotation Reactors for Desulphurization of Musselwhite Tailings
Woodland Biofuels Inc. Woodland Commercialization Activity
WSP Canada Inc. Restauration écologique de sites de résidus miniers
Carleton University Development of rapid, cost effective protocols for the determination of environmental baseline condition, land-use impact monitoring and the protection of aquatic ecosystem health in the mining sector
Terrestrial Energy Inc. Integral Molten Salt Reactor Development
LC Technologies Inc LCTech CDI Water Treatment
West Fraser Mills Ltd. West Fraser Propel Biocomposites
West Fraser Mills Ltd. West Fraser Alberta Advanced BioCarbon (AAB)
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