Transcript - Louis Giroux

CanmetENERGY conducts research to improve the efficiency and performance of industrial systems. Louis Giroux, a research scientist with CanmetENERGY’s Industrial Innovation Group explores ways to assist industry in developing and implementing more energy efficient technologies.

My research looks at ways to increase the efficiency of metallurgical fuels, namely coal and coke for the iron and steel industry. Higher quality metallurgical coke leads to improved iron making productivity, lower hot metal costs and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
I strongly believe that good science is about collaboration. I work best in groups so I coordinate many projects and programs within CanmetENERGY.

I work with the Canadian Carbonization Research Association an organization whose membership consists of Canada’s major steelmakers, metallurgical coal producers and government. The CCRA conducts research to improve the competitive advantage of the industry.
CanmetENERGY is responsible for providing reliable carbonization data to both domestic and international clients. Dr. Louis Giroux through his daily interaction with these clients makes sure that world class information is provided to help their operations.

The iron and steel making industries are very energy intensive and we will continue to work with them to reduce their fossil carbon footprint and related greenhouse gas emissions levels. We are now envisioning new research initiatives.

One new such development is energy or heat recovery coke making, an environmentally friendlier way of making coke compared to traditional by-product coke making. In energy recovery coke making, all air emissions are eliminated as well as sludges and solid wastes.

Our group is presently obtaining an engineering design for building a pilot-scale energy recovery oven within our facility. This new way forward has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions even more so than previous methods.

I am looking forward to continue working closely with the industry especially with the Canadian metallurgical coal producers and steelmakers to improve the energy efficiency of their operations and enhance the sector’s sustainability.

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