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Black ash seed
Black ash seed

Ash species: Black
Leaves: 7–11 leaflets attached without a stalk to a central stem; leaflets finely toothed
Twigs: Buds dark brown; a space between the upper-most pair of buds and the terminal bud; raised bumps or lenticels on surface
Bark: Young bark is light grey and soft. With age, it develops corky ridges that are easily rubbed off
Fruit (seed): 2.5–4 cm long; wing is broad, often twisted and enclosing the flat seed

Green ash seed
Green ash seed

Ash species: Green
Leaves: 5–9 leaflets; hairy or hairless on the underside
Twigs: Greyish-brown; not hairy to densely hairy
Bark: Young bark is smooth and often tinged with red. With age, it develops into ridges that intersect and form a diamond-shaped pattern
Fruit (seed): 3–6 cm long; wing is narrow and encloses half or more of the seed

White ash seed
White ash seed

Ash species: White
Leaves: 5–9 leaflets, hairless except along veins, attached by a 5–15 mm long stalk to a central stem; bronze-purple in autumn
Twigs: Stout, shiny, purplish or grey, hairless
Bark: Young bark is light grey and finely furrowed. With age, it develops into thin firm intersecting ridges in a regular diamond pattern
Fruit (seed): 2.5–5 cm long; wing encloses the tip of the seed

Blue ash seed
Blue ash seed

Ash species: Blue
Leaves: 5–11 leaflets attached with a short stalk to a central stem; leaflets coarsely toothed
Twigs: Four conspicuous ridges making them four-sided
Bark: Young bark has smooth developing fissures. With age, these change to loose scaly plates
Fruit (seed): Broad, twisted wing entirely enclosing the seed; tip often notched

Pumpkin ash seed
Pumpkin ash seed

Ash species: Pumpkin
Leaves: 5–9 leaflets attached with a hairy stalk to a hairy central stem; toothed on upper half above the middle
Twigs: Grey or greyish-brown; hairy
Bark: Young bark is grey and furrowed. With age, it develops into a diamond pattern of narrow ridges
Fruit (seed): Up to 8 cm long; notched at the tip


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