Maintaining your Furnace


FRANK: Fuel Fired appliances like water heaters and furnaces need some maintenance. This is an example of the pipes that go in and out of the basement and are connected to the furnace.

This one takes fresh air in, this one exhausts the gases. They both have to be unobstructed.

In the winter time do not pile snow and ice up against them that will block what they’re intended to do.

In the summer, same idea, don’t put furniture up against them. If this is a water heater, it has to function in the summertime and you don’t want them to be blocked.

Don’t plant bushes and other things around them that will attract insects. And I have had a unit fail because of insects that got into these pipes.

FRANK: If you have a furnace you also have duct work and a furnace filter. I’m taking the door off and accessing the dirty filter. Here it is.

It’s been in here for a year, it is filthy. It’s time to replace it. The reason you want to replace it, it’s hard on the motor.

The motor is trying to move air past this dirty clogged filter so you’re going to save electricity when you get this out of here.

You buy the same type the replacement one is nice and clean. Air flows really easily through this.

It also captures everything that you don’t want floating around in the air and you’re saving electricity at the same time.

Now you also want to bring in a maintenance person maybe every two years or so to deal with the rest of the aspects of your furnace.

FRANK: The inside of your furnace contains a lot of components. Those are not something that a homeowner is going to look after.

Call in a service person every two or three years to look after the safeties on this furnace or the maintenance of it.

He will replace anything that needs replacing; he will make sure that it runs efficiently and safely for you.