International Women's Day (Chief Scientist Vlog)

Donna Kirkwood, Natural Resources Canada’s Chief Scientist, introduces some of her female colleagues to tell us why they chose science.


Donna Kirkwood

Hey everyone. You’re probably aware that we do great and fascinating science her at Natural Resources Canada. You may not be aware that almost 50% of colleagues here at Natural Resources Canada either conduct or support science and research here in our department and on all sorts of issues of importance for Canada today. As we are leading up to International Women’s Day, I’ve asked a few of my female colleagues to tell us why they choose science.

Hena Hashmi Farooqi

I chose a career in science because science, to me, is a powerful instrument. It empowers us to ask questions, make predictions and find solutions, which often leads to even more questions. It’s a profession where you know you are making a meaningful contribution to solving some very important problems.

Suzanne Paradis

I chose to become a geoscientist because it’s involves a combination of lab work, field work and office work. I like solving problems, and I also like making discoveries that can have benefit to our society. Science is fascinating and it helps to resolve all sorts of problems around us. So why would you not want to be involved in science?

Rosemary Gillet

I chose science because I was always interested in science. I chose computer science specifically because I was fascinated with how everything in a computer is stored in 1s and 0s, which is was so simple, and yet it can be used to solve the most complex problems.

Sandy Erni

Fundamentally, I haven’t actually chosen science; I have chosen Natural Hazards. And I just learned, in university, Earth Science. So it was a little by chance, I think. I was loving [topics of] volcanoes, earthquakes, forest fire — and finally it worked [out] and I’m here.

Emily Owens

I’ve got a really cool job where my work interests align with my passions and hobbies outside of work. I get to explore the outdoors, investigating really cool scientific phenomenon that we really don’t quite understand yet. I get to work with an amazing team trying to process all the information we've collected outside and I get to have my quiet time to sit and think about it all and trying to make sense of it. And quite possibly the best part, I get to share the story — share my findings with the world.