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Climate change

Hope for Climate Change From Canada's Arctic Ocean

After an impressive career spanning five decades, four countries, three continents, several oceans and countless adventures, you might expect Peta Mudie ready to take a rest. You would be wrong. Now an emeritus scientist at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia — a Government of Canada ocean research facility and the largest ocean research station in Canada — she speaks with a measured urgency: “We’re at a tipping point where we’ve passed the ability to have great certainty in forecasting what’s come for the future.”

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Can Airplanes Fly on Wood Chips? (Science at Work)

Biofuels are renewable and emit less greenhouse gas than fossil fuels. However, the current generation of biojet fuel has its limitations. Natural Resources Canada scientists are perfecting a method that converts agriculture and forest wastes into a type of biojet fuel that meets the requirements of the aviation industry.

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