Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (Ask NRcan)

Like many organizations, the Government of Canada is exploring ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into our work to make us more efficient and effective. On this episode, we’ll learn what artificial intelligence is, and we’ll see how it can be used to solve problems that the natural resource sectors are facing.

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The future of home heating: Hybrid home heating systems offer energy savings and reduce GHG emissions

In the hot summer months, optimizing your home heating system is probably the last thing on your mind. But they’re the perfect time to think about it. And they’re also the perfect time for Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) researchers are crunching numbers after spending one of the coldest winters on record measuring energy use and comfort levels in a series of test homes running on hybrid heating — the combination of a natural gas furnace with an electric air source heat pump.

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Living fossils meet modern technology

The world’s oceans in their great vastness support an incredible diversity of aquatic species. But how much do we really know about life beneath the surface? For instance, in the deep waters off the coasts of B.C. and Alaska, a truly unique community of organisms combines to form glass sponge reefs that were once thought to be extinct — a discovery so unexpected that scientists often compare it to finding a herd of dinosaurs still roaming the earth.

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Saving energy and money with hybrid heating (Byte-Sized Science)

Jeremy Sager, a research engineer at CanmetENERGY Ottawa, assesses the performance of different, more energy-efficient heating ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential homes. He takes us through a house where an air conditioner was replaced with a heat pump. When the air conditioner gets old, the heat pump can do some of the heating and save energy.

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