Arctic Logistics Requests

The deadline for 2018 Arctic logistics requests has now passed.

How to Apply

Please contact PCSP if you have questions regarding the logistics request process or our support for specific Arctic programs and partners.

Tel.: 613-998-8145

Who can apply

PCSP Arctic field logistics planning and coordination are available to:

  • Researchers from Canadian government, university, northern, and independent research organizations conducting scientific field work in Canada’s North. 
  • International research organizations and private research institutions, subject to feasibility and overall demand for PCSP logistics coordination
  • Participants in activities of the Department of National Defence’s Canadian Armed Forces Arctic Training Centre 

Coordination, advice and planning

Before completing an Arctic logistics request, you should plan your field work, including your logistics support requirements.  The Arctic logistics request will ask you to provide details about your requirements for charter aircraft, fuel, field equipment and accommodations at the PCSP Arctic logistics hub in Resolute.  You will also be asked for information about your field camp location(s), field party, planned use and load details for each aircraft request and specific pieces of field equipment required. The PCSP also requests a project description, health and safety plan, and information to conduct an environmental assessment pre-screening.  This information assists the PCSP in assessing its ability to provide logistics support.  It is important that you review both the PCSP Arctic Operations Manual [PDF 5.4 Mb] and PCSP’s Terms and Conditions before you apply.

Although the PCSP may be able to provide advice and assist with providing contacts, the PCSP does not supply (e.g., arrange, procure, provide) the following field program components, which may also be considered logistics:

  • commercial flights, accommodations or vehicle/equipment rentals
  • food and personnel for field camps
  • training of field party members and personnel
  • wildlife monitoring services
  • community liaison
  • required licences, permits or environmental assessments
  • scientific fieldwork planning
  • firearms
  • site clean-up and environmental remediation, including fuel drum removal
  • project endorsement

PCSP special programs

To contribute to the preservation of the rich repository of traditional knowledge of Arctic Peoples, applicants with research projects focused on traditional knowledge are encouraged to apply for the Traditional Knowledge Program

The Canadian Arctic-Antarctic Exchange Program encourages collaboration among Canadian Arctic and non-Canadian, Antarctic scientists wishing to undertake joint studies in both polar regions. Canadian scientists wishing to “sponsor” Antarctic partners are invited to apply to this program.

The Arctic logistics request will ask applicants who wish to apply to either special PCSP program for supplementary information regarding their project. Please contact the PCSP for further information about these programs.

Assistance for Canadian researchers

The PCSP provides its advice, coordination and planning, free of charge, to eligible projects but recovers from clients the direct expenditures made on behalf of each project (e.g., for one hour of flying billed to the PCSP, one hour of flying will be recovered from the client).  The PCSP’s planning and coordination is intended to reduce expenditures for projects, while maintaining a focus on field safety.  For Canadian projects, the PCSP can, at times, defray a portion of the eligible logistics expenditures for projects (often referred to as “direct, in-kind support”).  Canadian researchers are invited to indicate in their Arctic logistics request if they are requesting any direct, in-kind support for their requested logistics.  Direct, in-kind support is not available for projects requesting logistics coordination outside of the October Arctic logistics application period.

Review process

The Arctic logistics request submission deadline is in late October each year for field work in the following calendar year. The PCSP assesses the feasibility of all projects.  Feasibility is dependent on the distribution and timing of requested logistics, the availability of aircraft or field equipment, the flexibility of the project, the reasonableness of the requested logistics and costs to the PCSP (both human resources and financial) to deliver the requested logistics.

Please note that the PCSP Project Review Committee reviews all Arctic logistics requests from university applicants, following the Project Review Committee Scoring Guide.  For more information on the prioritization process for other organizations, please contact the PCSP. 

Once a project is fully planned and coordinated and the project’s principal investigator has provided their intent to proceed, the PCSP sends a formal project agreement, typically in February or March.  This document confirms all planned logistics, provides estimated costs and includes the PCSP’s Terms and Conditions associated with PCSP support.