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Investments in Forest Industry Transformation Program (voted)

General information
Name of transfer payment program Investments in Forest Industry Transformation Program (voted)
Start date June 17, 2010
End date* March 31, 2022
Type of transfer payment Contribution
Type of appropriation Estimates
Fiscal year for terms and conditions 2017-18
Link to department’s Program Inventory Forest Sector Competitiveness
Description The objective of the IFIT program is to support transformations that will make the forest industry more economically viable and environmentally sustainable. The objective will be achieved by investing in innovative technologies that lead to a more diverse, higher-value product mix including bioenergy and renewable power, as well as biomaterials, biochemical and next generation building products.
The Program will fund innovative projects that are using transformative technologies at the pilot and commercial scales that direct wood fibre and by-products from wood processing into higher value usages which: 1) increase the total revenues available from a log; 2) diversify product lines for the forest industry, stabilizing economic performance; and 3) produce renewable energy and other products that are beneficial to the environment. By providing funding to Canadian forest firms for capital investments in bioenergy and bio-product industrial processes to advance these technologies towards full, commercial-scale implementation, this Program will broaden and build upon previous investments in forest sector transformation.
This transfer payment program does not have any repayable contributions.
Expected results Expected outcomes of the program include the following:
  • Canada’s forest sector is more commercially and environmentally sustainable with improved return on capital and environmental impacts;
  • New forest bio-products, including next generation building products, and processes are commercially available through an increased number of new bio-products and next generation building products and processes produced;
  • Canada’s forest sector has increased capacity to develop and supply commercial bio-products, including next generation building products, and processes through an increased number of new or modified facilities producing bio-products and next generation building products; and
Forest sector companies collaborate on projects and processes related to bio-products with other sectors (e.g. energy and chemical) through an increased number of non-traditional partnerships.
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation Evaluation of IFIT was completed as part of Forest Sector Innovation sub-program in 2013-14.
Decision following the results of last evaluation Continuation
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation 2018-19
General targeted recipient groups Industry related: Companies that produce forest products that have existing forest product manufacturing facilities (for example, pulp, paper or panel mills) located in Canada.
Initiatives to engage applicants and recipients Program applicants are supported through the establishment of a dedicated program website, which includes access to program guides, eligibility requirements, and project announcements, as well as program administration contact details ( Calls for proposals were widely advertised through public press releases, e-mail distribution lists, and liaisons with a wide range of associations, government departments, and other stakeholders. Selected program recipients are further engaged through regular communication with program administrators to monitor progress on the achievement of program objectives.

*This date relates to the expiry date of the program policy authority which may be different from the actual funding end date.

Planning information (dollars)
Type of transfer payment 2017-18 Forecast spending 2018-2019  Planned spending 2019-20  Planned spending 2020-21  Planned
Total grants 0 0 0 0
Total contributions $33,595,728 $20,000,000 $25,000,000 0
Total other types of transfer payments 0 0 0 0
Total program $33,595,728 $20,000,000 $25,000,000 0

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