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For generations, we've powered our economy with traditional energy.

But we know a change is coming. We've talked about it. We've prepared.

We asked Canadians for their vision of our energy future, and you told us what you want .

An affordable, reliable, sustainable and inclusive energy future.

Now the experts have laid out the pathways to get there.

Are you ready to take the plunge Canada?

The energy future we want awaits…. We can get there, together.

What's New

The Generation Energy Council has spoken!

Using the results from the in-person and online engagements across Canada, the Council is advising on how it thinks Canada should transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon economy in the future.

Clean Growth Hub

Looking for funding or support for your clean technology project? Get advice from our team of experts.

Building Canada’s EV Network

Planning a trip this summer? Check out our interactive map to find an EV charging station along the way

Indigenous Forestry Initiative

Applications are open to fund Indigenous-led economic development in the forest sector.

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