Natural Resources Canada

Most Requested Services and Information

Pipeline Facts
Pipelines are a safe, efficient and reliable way to move Canadian energy to consumers.

Consultations and public engagement
Have your say on all of our open public engagements through questionnaires, e-mail, forums and town hall meetings.

Learn about our research and researchers
View our multimedia magazine, Science @ NRCan.

Find out more about earthquakes in Canada
Get current information on recent earthquakes, see historical data and maps of earthquake locations, or report an earthquake.

Find a fuel efficient vehicle that is right for you
Get model-specific fuel efficiency information.

Get free data, maps and more from GeoGratis
Find free maps, data, and publications to use without restriction.


Maintaining your Furnace – Video
Find out more about equipment and techniques designed to increase the energy efficiency of residential homes.

Forest Pests
Learn about Natural Resources Canada’s research into forest pests.

Rapidly Deployable Northern Housing – Video
Researchers at Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY Research Centre work to accelerate the advancement of energy efficient building technologies.

Ground-breaking Solar
Canada’s research on display: award-winning Canadian solar community in the news.