Biodiesel - Availability and Cost

Biodiesel is being tested with some vehicle fleets, but it is not yet widely commercially available in Canada, except for a few retail sites in Ontario and British Columbia.

Because biodiesel is available in liquid form, similar to petroleum diesel, vehicles are refuelled in the same manner.

What to check before switching to biodiesel

  • Ensure the equipment (tanks and engines) is compatible with the use of biodiesel.
  • Discuss the warranty with the manufacturer if you are using blends higher than B5 (5% biodiesel).
  • All major North American diesel engine manufacturers have approved the use of B5.
  • Verify the multi-step filtering process from storage tank to engine.
  • Use the same mesh size as the secondary filter for all steps in the process.

What to check when buying biodiesel

What to expect after switching to biodiesel

  • Biodiesel's solvent effect will cleanse storage tanks, vehicle fuel lines and the entire fuel system. You may need to change your filter once or twice.
  • B5 should not require more frequent filter changes than usual.
  • When using blends higher than B5 in winter, use appropriate storage and handling procedures to avoid the gelling of the fuel.