Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference

The Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference (EMMC) is an annual gathering of federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for energy and mining portfolios. At these meetings, ministers discuss shared priorities for collaborative action to advance energy and mining development across the country. This page presents the energy and mining items endorsed by ministers at the most recent meetings.

2018 EMMC

The 2018 EMMC was held August 12–14, in Iqaluit, Nunavut

2017 EMMC

The 2017 EMMC was held August 13–15, 2017, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

2016 EMMC

The 2016 EMMC was held August 21–23, 2016, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2015 EMMC

The 2015 EMMC was held on July 19 to 21st, 2015, in Halifax (Nova Scotia).

2014 EMMC

The 2014 EMMC was held from August 24 to 26, 2014, in Sudbury, Ontario.

2013 EMMC

The 2013 EMMC was held August 25–27, 2013, in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.